Aging with Jets – Botox Sold Separately

Here in Southern California, age has become a bad word and fighting the aging process is pretty much a way of life. From Botox to plastic surgery to super foods and antioxidants, a whole lot of folks out here are obsessed with keeping the hands of time off their faces, and everywhere else for that matter.

Well, I’ve got bad news for you– it doesn’t work. We’re all aging. All that stuff we’re doing to make us look like time-warped versions of our former selves can’t keep our knees, backs and other internal fixtures from feeling the effects of our (I’m gonna say it) – age. I figured that out for myself on my family camping trip this weekend after two nights sleeping on an air mattress – my back sure ain’t what it used to be.

But I’ve got good news too. With 70 being the new 50 (or something like that), people are staying independent well into their twilight years and moving into assisted living or old age homes as late as possible, if ever. That means they’re living, and aging, at home much longer than the generation before them. To do that, though, today’s strong, healthy Baby Boomers are finding they need to modify their living space to accommodate their aging (eek, I said it again) bodies.

And here’s the even better news – it’s not all that bad. In fact, those wild Boomers are catching on fast to a luxurious little secret – spa-like showers are becoming a medical necessity.

What’s that, you say.  Well, as the Boomers are having a harder and harder time getting in and out of bathtubs, they’re getting rid of them and replacing them with beautiful, spa-like showers. And let me tell you, the old-timers sure know how to indulge because one of the hottest features in showers these days is dual shower heads and multiple, programmable body jets.


Whether it’s his and hers or double the fun (hey, they did bring us Woodstock, among other things), Boomers aren’t settling for just one shower head raining down on them. They, and many others, are creating the most relaxing, stimulating shower experience at home with water coming at them every which way.

Here’s a jet shower we built recently for our clients in Laguna Niguel. They went for a single, hand-held shower with double jet system. With these systems, we install a diverter, so the client can choose where the water comes from: the shower head, the jets, or both.

Here is one of the jets and the diverter closer up.


We also installed the tile in this shower, a soap niche and beautiful glass doors to finish off that spa look.  Nice.

Check in later this week for an update on Irvine, a beautiful, maple floor installed in the Hollywood Hills, and more.

Until next time, if you’re contemplating your 10,000 mile tune-up, don’t sweat it too much. Luxurious aging begins with jets.  Botox sold separately.

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Seven Hot Bathroom Trends in Irvine Remodel (so far)

Recently, Christopher Solomon of MSN Real Estate identified the 13 top
bathroom remodel trends
.  Calling the bathroom “the new den,” he wrote that today’s emphasis is on luxury, with more and more people looking to their bathrooms to relax and luxuriate after a hectic day.

In other words, those fabulous, super posh bathrooms in the Wynn and other high end hotels aren’t just for vacations.  Today people are incorporating the “wow” factor in their homes, and getting more value out of their homes while they’re in them and when they sell.

The master bathroom in my Irvine project is undergoing a major remodel.   Let’s see how many of the top 13 trends made the cut.

#1 – Large, airy showers.  Well, it wasn’t before, but it will be soon enough.


We’ve literally torn out the entire bathroom AND knocked out the wall
separating the adjoining room to make space for what is going to be a large,
glass encased shower with hinged doors.  I know, not very luxurious right now, but just wait.

And look up at the ceiling.

That’s right, what ceiling?  See that strip of wall paper?  That’s where the old ceiling was.  We’ve knocked it out entirely straight through to the attic so we can create what will be soaring ceilings.  Now THAT’s airy.

 # 2 Noisy Jacuzzis replaced by soaking tubs:  We’ll leave the Jacuzzi for outside, we’re going for serene experience.

# 3 – Let the light in: According to the article, people want their bathrooms brighter and more sun filled than before.  We’ll be extending the skylight to bring in more sun and we’re thinking about that octagonal window too.

#6 – Walling off the loo: One of the biggest trends in both new construction and higher-quality remodels, says Solomon, is “privatization of the toilet,” in other words, giving it its own room.  As you can see, we’ve moved the toilet from its old location to one that makes more sense spatially.  You’re seeing the framing for what will be the new toilet room, only this one will have a door that swings out – a little more modern plus all the privacy and added space you could want.


#8 – Smarter storage: Additional storage consisting of small drawers with dividers is the latest in stashing your stuff.  We’re thinking of putting in a nice linen closet plus a tower with shelves that are easily accessible.

#9 – Dueling vanities: Increasingly, homeowners are asking for his-and-hers sinks and vanities, Solomon says.


No more back-to-back washing for Mr. and Mrs. Homeowner.  A new dual vanity will go on the right hand side:

# 12 – Good tiles: Lame linoleum and glazed tiles are out, porcelain and stone tile is in – and so is glass for that matter.  We’ve been looking at some beautiful stone tiles in warm earth tones that are durable, easy to clean and won’t break the bank.  No firm decision yet, but we’re definitely headed in this direction.

So there you go, seven out of 13.  What made Solomon’s list that didn’t make
ours?  Steam baths, small coolers and flat screen TVs, (at least, they’ll have wireless and a computer), grab bars in the tub and showers (clients aren’t there yet),
and heated tiles.  But you never know…we’re not done yet.

Until next time, enjoy a little luxuriating of your own, in your bathroom, or wherever you choose.

Oh, and by the way, the world’s biggest wine cellar is the Cricova Mines in Moldova.  Congratulations to Derrick in Los Angeles who came up with the answer.  A bottle of wine is on its way.

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